Dear Sellers ,

This important message is from your admin , Today we gonna announce a totally new feature on codetak and formy now you can sell your app , your html templates, your php scripts and so on.

Before selling here you must have to follow our policies otherwise we will not accept your any product to our website.

Policies :- 

1. You can only sell your own product before accepting your product out team will first verify it, we will not accept copy codes or nulled codes. 

2. You must have to sign up either on or on before signing up to our seller panel.

3. Sign up with the same email you used on or

4. That email must be correct and must have PayPal account linked to it .


ANS - Because it's easy for us to send you, your earning every month that we will only send you through PayPal.

Note :- You will get your payment on 16th of every month and it will credit to your account within a week. (Bank processing takes almost 7 working days). 

Important Notice  : You will get your payment once you will achieve 50 USD Threshold.

(Eg : You earn 10 USD  this month then this 10 USD processed for next month and again you got 10usd earning means 10+ 10 =20 next and so on. once you complete 50 USD threshold then our team processed your payment to your PayPal Email id.) 

For indian users :- Same way you will get payment once your monthly threshold reached 50 USD / 3500 Rupees. 

5. We will deduct 30% from every sell on your product and next 70% we will send you via PayPal.

Q.2 - How can I know how many sales I got on my product ?

Ans  - Just visit your product and there you will see how many sells your product got and that's to simple.

Note :- We are still working to improve seller panel and in few months you will get seller panel with awesome design.

Q.3. Where can I contact Super Admin ?

Ans - You can send us mail via / / or directly mail us -

Thank you!