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PUBG Game Booster - With FPS Monitor, Crosshair, auto booster, Admob ads and onsignal

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Game Accelerator – A game Accelerator app with most advance features like auto game Booster, Crosshair, FPS Monitor & Onesignal Integration.

game Accelerator

Features : Game Booster FPS Monitor Crosshair Auto Game Booster Device Informationer

How it works :

When user add their apps or games by clicking on add button then this will help you by clearing unused background process and help your phone to run faster and smoother and this helps to play game faster. This app also have live fps monitor and crosshair to play pubg like game and with full device information like ram, storage etc.

All in one phone manager and booster app.

Boost your game performance 

Built on Android Studio

Make your own PUBG Game Booster in just 49USD

Android Studio 4.0+

Everything Mentioned in documentation 

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Item details
Version 3.0
Category Source Code
Release date 2020-04-04
Included files java, xml,.apk,
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Software Android Studio
High resolution Yes
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